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Rules - Plastic Straight

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Dritz - Bag Boutique
Dritz - Basting Gun
Dritz - Bonding & Stabilizers
Dritz - Boning
Dritz - Clothing Care & Repair
Dritz - Cord Stops
Dritz - Cover Buttons
Dritz - Covered Buckles
Dritz - Double Dressforms
Dritz - Dylon
Dritz - Ergonomic Tools
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Dritz - No-Sew 4-Part Snaps
Dritz - Omnigrid
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Dritz - Pressing Equipment
Dritz - Printed Treasures
Dritz - Raveled Rosette Trim
Dritz - Repair Accessories
Dritz - Safety and Rotary Cutters
Dritz - Safety Pins
Dritz - Sewing and Finishing
Dritz - Sewing Kits
Dritz - Sewing Machine Accessories
Dritz - Sewing Organizers
Dritz - Sewing Tools and Accessories
Dritz - Sew-On Snaps
Dritz - St Jane Sewing Baskets
Dritz - Stitch Witchery
Dritz - Straight Pins
Dritz - Tailor Markers
Eyelet Attaching Hand Setter
Fabric Care & Repair Accessories
Garment Bags
Hook and Eye Tape
Hook Flex
Hooks, Eyes & Loops
Hooks, Rings, Slides
Horse Hair
Industrial Snap Eyelet & Grommet Setter
Labels - Woven
Lingerie - Separating Wires
Lingerie - Underwires
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No-Sew Hooks & Eyes
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Rules - Plastic Straight
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Scissors - Specialty
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Snaps - 4 Part Clamp In
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VELCRO (R)  Brand Fastener
Webbing Hardware
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Rules - Plastic Straight

some rules available in red print only, some red and black


W-10 Plastic Designer's Standard ruler. 1" x 6".
Transparent, handy eighths graph ruler. Very light and flexible. 0 centering scale. Calibrated in sixteenths to the inch.
Weight 3 oz. per dozen.
W-25 Plastic Designer's Standard ruler. 1" x 12".
Transparent, low cost eighths graph ruler with 0 centering scale marked in sixteenths to the inch.
Weight 6 oz. per dozen.
B-60 Plastic Designer's Standard beveled ruler. 1" x 12".
Handy ruler marked clearly in sixteenths to the inch with graph ruling as well as beveled edges. 0 centering scale.
Weight 6 oz. per dozen.
B-70 Plastic Designer's Standard beveled ruler. 2" x 12".
This transparent graph ruler offers calibrations in sixteenths to the inch. 0 centering scale.
Weight 11 oz. per dozen.
B-85 Plastic Designer's Standard beveled ruler. 2" x 18".
Transparent ruler with calibrations in sixteenths to the inch. 0 centering scale.
Weight 1 lb 3 oz. per dozen.


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