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Underarm and Garment Shields

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Underarm and Garment Shields

Island Sewing Supplies, Inc. is a proud distributor of Kleinert's products

All there products can be ordered direct from Kleinert's Please click on the Kleinert's logo 


1259N Simply Sheer Garment Shield

it's the lightest garment shield there is.  breezy, lightweight nylon combines with reliable vinyl or cotton shield for fresh "simply sheer" protection under all types of clothing.
sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
colors: white, beige




Disposable Underarm Shield

underarm shields are designed to absorb and protect clothing from stains, wetness and odor.  with their ultra-thin design, extra adhesive and enhanced absorption, they allow for easy and convenient application.  save time and money on costly dry cleaning and stay confident that your clothing will be protected.  shield are safe to use on all types of fabric.  for men and women.
sizes: one size fits all
available in packages of 12 or 24




670 Sew-In Regular Underarm Shield

regular shape for long or mid-length sleeves.  double ply 100% cotton.  available in vinyl or in cotton fabrapel.
sizes: one size fits all
colors: beige, white, black




671 Sew-In Short Sleeve Underarm Shield

abbreviated shape for short sleeves.  double ply 100% cotton.
sizes: one size fits all
colors: white, black




1165 Dry-Clean Underarm Shield

double covered cotton and acetate with nylon barrier is specially designed to be used with dry-clean-only garments.  suitable for men or women.  dry clean only.
sizes: one size fits all
colors: beige, white, black




672 Sew-In Crescent Underarm Shield

small shaped design works perfectly with short sleeves or cap sleeves.  double ply 100% cotton.
sizes: one size fits all
colors: white, black



406 Sew-In Demi Underarm Shield

unique single-flap design is ideal for sleeveless clothes.  double ply 100% cotton.
sizes: one size fits all
colors: white



 670A Tape-On Underarm Shield

enjoy protection in an instant with machine-washable convenience.  designed like a regular sew-in shield, tape-on shields come with 10 pre-cut double-faced adhesive strips to fasten shields in seconds.  no pins or sewing needed.  safe for all fabrics, including silk.  available in vinyl or cotton fabrapel.
sizes: one size fits all
colors: beige, white, black


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